My name is Cartman! I’m from Roseville, Michigan. I got into lot’s of trouble in college. Took a broadcast course as a knock off course and fell in love with it. I’ve worked in radio for 12 years! My career started in Michigan and I moved all over the state. I’ve one several best-of awards in radio and once took first place in a cow milking competition. (Not joking)

I’m married with no kids. I do have two dogs though, and consider them my kids. My mom and dad live in Michigan as well as my brother, sister, and nieces and nephews! I love to play cards. I’m an avid poker player and I’m not terrible at it. I also love movies… dirty comedy flicks are my favorite.

Although I still have to root for the Lions… Packers are now my number 2 team. You know how it is… hard to break up with your childhood team!